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Follow Your Compass was created to assist organizations, teams and individuals. We provide tools, training and coaching designed to dramatically increase personal and organizational effectiveness and performance.

Our business clients are forward-thinking decision makers inside growing companies. They believe in making a unique difference with the products and services they provide. They are looking for ways to strategically develop and retain the people they work with so together they can execute performance objectives with excellence.

What distinguishes Follow Your Compass from others in this field are the unique programs and methodologies we deliver, the powerful results they generate, and our founder Sherry McKillop.

The programs and methodologies are state-of-the-art with a proven track record. They are designed to have an unequivocally positive impact on individuals and teams. In addition they can be customized to address key issues within your organization.

The results are profound. The CEO of one company said, “You have just done in fifteen minutes what I have been paying consultants thousands of dollars to try and understand!” Industry giants like NASA, Morgan Stanley, Tyson, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few, are among the companies benefitting from the programs offered by Follow Your Compass. We are so convinced of the effectiveness of our offerings that we stand behind them with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Sherry McKillop believes the workplace experience should be both productive and fulfilling. She and her team bring clarity of vision and quantifiable results to the lives of the individuals and the companies they are entrusted to work with.

Follow Your Compass – creating teams that work!

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